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Dee Yergo

Founder & Lead Faculty

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Dee Yergo is the Founder and Creatrix of the groundbreaking Yoga Eros curriculum which supports students to expand their emotional resilience while leveraging the power of sensual energy for vitality, creativity and overall well-being.  For the last decade, Dee has been working at the intersection of yoga, meditation, sacred sensuality, birth, energy work, trauma-informed healing, personal development and transformation work in the catharsis model. She is the Founder of Prana Prenatal Yoga in New York where she trained and mentored dozens of birth professionals, yoga/meditation teachers, mental health professionals and professional life coaches. 


Dee is a graduate of the esteemed Conquering Lion Yoga program in New York City which melded Patanjali’s classic teachings of yoga with Tibetan Buddhism of the Gelug tradition and Q’ero Shamanism. Dee has completed all three training levels and Practitioner's Training with the International School of Temple Arts and is currently Apprentice Faculty. Dee has been closely mentored by master teachers and gurus and received several sacred initiations from lineage holders across various traditions.


Dee is known for sharing esoteric wisdom with diverse student populations both nationally and internationally offering tools and methodology that is simple, accessible and actionable.


She is passionate about the idea of bringing healthy and conscious sensuality into the mainstream, using yoga as an access point and vehicle for the sacred life force energy of eros.  

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