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Jared Dupree

Lead Faculty


Jared is an adventurer, seeker, and lover of life. He believes his primary soul purpose is to live fully and invite others to do the same through his presence. His first season of life was a search and discovery of the systemic, scientific, and holistic earning a PhD and MBA, teaching in academia, researching and publishing in areas of relationships and wellness, opening multiple businesses and, ultimately, experiencing an ego death.


Experiencing his own spiritual awakening, he dived into the esoteric, Eastern, shamanic, Tantric, and energetic. He spent another decade refining his own embodiment, energetic flow, and abilities around transmission and alchemy.


Currently, he spends most of his time in the forest learning from the trees amidst the blue ridge mountains of North Carolina. He is the co-founder of WholeHEART Awakening and the Blue Mist Mountain Temple and Mystery School. He continues to seek and live and find the next waterfall or hot spring.

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