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Yoga Eros™
Yoga Teacher & Facilitator Training

Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey with Yoga Eros™! Imagine a revolutionary curriculum that fuses the timeless wisdom of the East with a modern and edgy twist. It's not your typical yoga – it's a thrilling fusion of yoga, dynamic movement, soul-soothing meditation, invigorating breathwork, conscious touch, and the mystique of sacred sensuality. We are thrilled to announce our first 100 hour teacher training in the summer of 2024.


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About The Training

Your facilitators Dee Yergo, Liz Morris and Jared Dupree are excited to share this incredible curriculum and empower you to change your students' lives.

This 100 hour training is a personal and professional growth journey with yoga and sacred sensuality held at the center. If you desire to learn how to energetically transmit these empowering teachings to your students' to support their confidence, vitality, creativity, motivation, embodiment and emotional resilience this training is for you!

Yoga Eros straddles the line between mystical and practical. We present tools for the body, mind, and breath that unlock the transformative potential of our sensual life force energy, known as Eros - named after the Greek god of love, pleasure and desire. Learning to harness Eros as the vehicle for your life-force revitalizes our soul, creativity, self-love, and overall well-being. Our mission is to bring sacred and conscious sensuality into the mainstream within a tasteful, carefully curated and supportive environment.

This Training Covers

  • Discover how Eros (sensual energy) can be leveraged for vitality, authenticity, creativity, self-expression and confidence

  • The inner workings of the nervous system and acquire the invaluable skills to consciously regulate it

  • Welcoming and working with the dense energies of grief, anger, and frustration

  • Working with the mind, our relationship to our thoughts, and the subjective nature of reality

  • The subtle energy body and expanding the capacity to somatically feel, hold and move emotional charge

  • Explore masculine and feminine energies and creating a happy inner marriage

  • Yoga Eros asana, pranayama,bandhas, meditation and visualization

  • Cultivating a sense of deep self-love and body acceptance

  • Expanding the ability to connect with self and others intimately

  • Creating new neural-pathways for pleasure and joy

  • Addressing sexual dysfunction with evidence-based yoga and breathwork

  • Challenging societal norms of shame

  • Opening portals to expanded states of consciousness and a connection with the divine

  • Leadership, creating community and expanding this work throughout the world

This training is taught in 3 modules - two on Zoom and one in person.

This hybrid model requires mandatory in person attendance in either New York or San Francisco for Module 2. Modules 1 and 3 will be held on Zoom and recorded. Live attendance is mandatory for Zoom sessions with the ability to make up no more than three missed sessions by viewing the recordings and submitting your notes.

Topics we Explore

  • Yoga Eros Asana

  • Yoga Eros Pranayama

  • Sensual Meditation and Visualization

  • Yoga Nidra as an Integration Tool for Transformation

  • Masculine and Feminine Energies - the Inner Sun and Moon

  • Teaching Yoga vs. Transmitting Teachings

  • Spiritual Bypass and Shadow Work

  • Impacting the mainstream culture

  • Pleasure and Sex Positivity

  • Body Positivity

  • Overviews on Classic Tantra, Neo Tantra

  • Tibetan Buddhist views on the nature of reality

  • Development of the Sacred Witness through Mindfulness

  • The Ten Life Principles of Yoga Eros to live a pleasure-filled life

  • Soul Work - Identifying your Sacred Purpose

  • The Subtle Energy Body and Moving Eros

  • The Nervous System and Creating Emotional Resilience

  • Primal Release Practices

  • Adjustments and conscious touch

  • Trauma informed Practices and Post Traumatic Growth

  • The Science of Sexuality

  • Becoming embodied with your confidence, vitality and authenticity

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